Men prefer about yourself nothing to tell. If he confesses to you about it, candidly tells about himself is one of the criteria of confidence and a great feeling.
Expresses to the audience his feelings. Beloved kisses you in the street, hugging, getting close at a party, holding a hand and tenderly looking into your eyes. This is proof that he is proud of you, you not only like him, and the man without hesitation shows that feeling in front of others.
Presents amusing gifts. Gifts from men is a good sign in this nascent feelings. But if these gifts were chosen for a long time, Packed in beautiful boxes, they contain some sense is a double sign of his love for you.
Introduces you to his family. The family of the man is his residence and the harbour and, introducing you to her, as if he attaches to the closest of his men.
Introduces you to his environment. If a man loves you and planning a future, he will not hide from their society and will offer joint visits with friends, visits to places where it does happen, and so on.
He speaks of love. There are men who love words are quite easy, but there are those who simple words are difficult. They are a hundred times prove its love to you, than say it aloud. But if a man will probablyt something like "I love you", be sure he tells the truth.
Helps you with household chores. The man sits down at the TV or drags you in the bed and helps around the house: ready to sit with your little brother, knocks on the street the carpet, takes out the garbage, walks your dog – it is also a sign of his care of you and sincere love.
Consults with you. If a man consults, and raises high your point of view is itself one of the signs of love.
Shopping. A man joins while shopping in stores, carries your shopping bags from the market? His attitude towards you for the long haul.
Inferior to you. If he is willing to give you largely agree with your compelling arguments, so he tries not to spoil your life and tries to make her happy.
Meets your parents. Only good intentions can contribute to man's desire not only to get acquainted with your parents, but also try to please them, to perform their small requests and orders.
It becomes inseparable part of your life. If a man is with you more than a friend, if you know that he knows and understands you that you can confide him your desires and dreams, when his presence does not get, therefore, man has become a part of your life. And this can only be done by truly loving person.