First, it will aim to give you as much time as possible. If you notice that he is on his 3 Cup of coffee, drawing out the pleasure, then he is unlikely to be much of a connoisseur of coffee, but rather, the object of his desire pours the coffee into a mug for him. The same applies to his desire to greet you from work, school and escort you to the house.
Secondly, he always wants to hear your voice, see you in the network will require maximum attention, because the man is selfish enough, and if he decides that the woman is his, she must belong to him completely.
If a man talks about his feelings right in the eye, do not look for this trick. As mentioned above, to Express their feelings not accepted, but the man say about love much harder than women. After all, he must be strong, and strong men somehow does not fit with the "calf tenderness". So after hearing a confession from her man, only rejoice. Note, however, that the failure to hear the forest of death, so if this is not the man of your dreams, it is better not allow the situation to his confession, otherwise severely razvite it.
He genuinely wants you. Platonic love is certainly beautiful, but a real man experiencing real sexual attraction to the woman he loves. By itself, sex, is not talking about love, but he is an integral part of the multifaceted world of couples. However, for the sake of his beloved, he is willing to wait a year or more. Just because you interest him, not only as an object of desire.
He is ready for you, if not all, then a lot. It will substantially change our plans, we will call to the dry cleaners, even if it is not on the road, only if you ask him, he will try to do everything to please you. Romantic things to which it pushes the love can be truly unexpected: to give a big bouquet to get to the window on the ledge, put the name of a beloved on the sidewalk. All are capable of loving a man, and he does it sincerely. It is important that you appreciate his efforts. Even if you don't like the colors or have an Allergy to them – thank him, because you was really nice, and about your allergies will tell you later.