One of the main signs of the seriousness of intentions is the desire of men to spend more time with you. If you see that he drinks a fifth Cup of coffee, more delaying the moment of departure, it is unlikely that the reason is his love for coffee. Rather, he is attracted by the interviewee. The same goes for his desire to meet you from work or school to spend home.
If he wants you to see online, hear on the phone, requires a lot of attention, this does not mean that he is selfish. Rather, he decided for himself that you are his woman. And therefore all your attention and all you have belong to him only.
If a man recognizes you in love directly, no need to immediately look for the catch. Among men is not accepted to Express their feelings openly. And if a man says this, it means everything to him very seriously. If you are sure that you will be able to reciprocate, better not bring the situation to the point where you make a Declaration of love.
Platonic love is sublime and beautiful, but every real man feels sexual attraction to the woman he loves. So if he has made no attempt to kiss you, confessing love – is worth considering.
If you still doubt the seriousness of intent, introduce him to friends, and then with their parents. This is a big test for the men, to pass which it will be able only in case, if you decide to communicate with you further life.
Male is ready for you to change your plans? That says a lot. Have them pick up the dry cleaning after work, ask them to spend with you weekend, in which he and his friends wanted to go fishing or "off" at a football match. Based on his reaction you will understand how he is ready to change your life, if it forever will show you
Not only is it to use – always give thanks for all the sacrifices he's coming for you. After all, if you are going to live happily ever after with him, offer him a reward for his hard tests.