Principle 1. Attention

The man who is in love with, tries to pay maximum attention to the woman. Characters may be different, but they are definitely noticeable and very eloquent. If a man only tells to one woman constantly compliments, gives her a smile and cares, he's totally in love. Sometimes, men are not only romantic behavior, but quite the opposite. The woman is not worth while to think that a man is aggressive, he simply is not able differently. A lot of sympathy for the woman, the man saying it. They are usually memorable, though not very large in size.

Principle 2. Frequent emails and telephone conversations

If a man suddenly begins to call or write a lot of emails, SMS, also you can be sure that he is in love. Typically the reasons for calls and letters flimsy and quite small, but a man can't resist. Many letters usually also written poems or just romantic phrases.

Principle 3. Pastime

A man who loves and tries to devote all his time to the woman. He agrees to walk her home, to accompany shopping bags. He also chooses a woman to the detriment of a friendly beer together. A man can appear where there was none before, more often, which also indicates his feelings. Oddly enough, but if a man diligently started to avoid the company of women, although previously did not, so he had feelings for her.

любящий мужчина

Principle 4. Manifests compliance

If a man prefers to please all woman and almost everyone agrees, argues, it is likely that he is in love with her and doesn't want to upset her.

5. Avoids quarrels

To quarrel with the woman, the man will not, therefore, if you have feelings will avoid all possible conflicts.

Principle 6. Tries to help all

When a man loves a woman, he will try every way to solve all her problems, help her in all the details, support and empathy. Signs that speak of the love of a married man, almost identical, with the only exception that they will try not to think about family life. Love the other Probably the most unpleasant situation can be one in which a woman needs to understand whether the man has feelings for someone else. In such cases, the behavior of the men changes dramatically. He shows more aggression, coldness, often chides. He tries to look much better than before, and hides the phone, change the password on the mailbox.