You can disable forwarding a call using Internet assistant. To do this, go to the official website of MTS. In the upper right corner, find the inscription "in the Internet-the Assistant" - click on it. Enter the number and password that was set by you previously. If you do not have the password to access personal account, dial from your mobile the following combination of characters: *111*25# and call button (the password must be from 4 to 7 digits).
After finding the account, you will see a menu. Locate the "Settings" tab, and in it, the "call Forwarding", click on it. In the opened page you will see the conditions for redirect, which are located in a table, select and click "Disable".
You can also contact the nearest office of the mobile company "MTS". Don't forget to bring a document proving your identity and a phone with the current SIM card of the cellular operator. If the SIM card is not registered to you, then you need a power of attorney from the owner to the personal number.
Disable the service "call Forwarding", you can use a special USSD-commands. First determine which forwarding you have installed: for all calls when your line is busy, is out of the coverage area of the network or you just did not answer the incoming call. Enter the desired command to disable services:- divert all calls: **21# and a call key;- call forwarding if the line is busy: **67# call key;- divert, if you are unreachable: **62# and a call key;- divert, if you do not answer the call: **61# call key.
You can also call the line customer service at the number on 0500. Contact the operator, give your passport details and the service will be deactivated.