What is forwarding calls?

If the call transfer service will be connected to the apparatus, it is possible not to worry about that important phone call will be skipped. For example, someone calls you one number, and it is now unavailable. When connected forwarding, the call is automatically routed to another telephone specified by the owner. In addition, this feature can help if the phone was somewhere left, but you still want to stay connected.

Kinds of forwarding

It is worth noting that if you want to connect this service, you must make the decision - what type of redirect you are interested in. There are a few: unconditional, non-response, inaccessible and employment. Unconditional call forwarding implies that it is always and absolutely all calls will be directed to the desired owner number. Forwarding the non-response will be triggered in the event that at the expiration time you do not have the answer. Time interval can be set from 5 to 30 seconds.

Call forwarding on unavailable as the name implies, will be done when your phone is outside network access, or disabled, i.e. not available. Forwarding jobs to run when your first number is busy, then the call will be forwarded to your other number.

There is another kind of conditional forwarding. It is turned on, if the owner, who made the call, not able to answer (busy, unavailable, etc.). Runs the so-called voice greeting, where the answering machine to switch to tone mode. In tone mode you need to enter some combination of digits that allows to connect and to call the subscriber.

It is worth noting one important caveat services, which is that for a forwarded call will pay it to you and its value will equal the cost of a normal call according to your tariff plan. Most modern mobile operators offer a similar service and connect it will not be difficult. Normally to connect, you need to enter a specific command and bind phone number, which will be implemented call forwarding.

Each mobile operator team binding looks different. In addition, the team depends on the type of redirection, as outlined above. Should be said also that to connect this service also available on a special website of the mobile operator, if the course is available. The connection is solely in the user's personal account.