Communication operator "Beeline" offers its subscribers several rooms to turn off call forwarding. Each of them is intended for individual service. Here's an example: to deactivate services, which works if your phone is busy, please send Ussd-request **67*phone number#. To abandon several types of call forwarding, use the command ##002#.
If you are a customer of the company "MegaFon", disable unneeded service will be able in two ways: by appeal to the operator or independently. To opt out of redirection by using the subscription service of the company, call 0500 (toll-free). Please note: to make calls not only with mobile phone, but also with the city (enter the number 5077777). By the way, these rooms are versatile as they allow not only to deactivate the service, but it and plugging.
To disable an individual type of service "call Forwarding", use the command ## (forwarding code)# (type on the keyboard, press the call button). Full disclaimer can be produced with the help of USSD-numbers ##002#. Code of the desired services easy to find on the official website of the company. By the way, remember that the deactivation procedure paid, for it the operator will be removed from your balance amount in accordance with the rates connected to tariff plan.
MTS subscribers can opt out of using the service "call Forwarding" via special self-service systems, namely: "Internet Assistant", "Mobile Assistant" or "SMS-Assistant". In addition, users can always call the toll free number of contact centre 8-800-333-0890. Management service is available over USSD ##002# (this will disable all the installed types of call forwarding).