You will need
  • The phone connected to the MTS network; computer with Internet access
You can transfer incoming mobile phone calls to any local, long distance, international or mobile number. Thus, you will not miss important conversation, even if his number is busy, he does not respond within the specified period of time or his cell phone off. To configure the service of "Forwarding call" is possible through the menu of your phone according to the instructions on the official website of the company through the "Internet assistant" or through the contact center operator MTS by phone 8-800-333-0890. You can also use universal commands: forward all calls - **21* phone number *#; if the phone is busy - **67* phone number *#; if the phone is switched off or out of range - **62* phone number *#; if the owner of the phone is not answered the call.- **61* phone number *#.
Once the service is configured, you can at any time to connect the call forwarding, typing on a mobile phone *111*40#, sending to 111 SMS message with the text 2111 or through the "Internet assistant" on the official website of MTS.
You can also set the call forwarding to the Voicemail number (Fax) email. When you turn off the mobile phone or the stay of the subscriber is out of coverage MT is the ability to hear messages from the caller. When you receive new voice messages in the client mailbox MTS it automatically gets an SMS message with the notification.