To activate and deactivate this service is possible through two different ways. One of them is call the operator "MegaFon". Just dial the short number of the subscriber service 0500 if you are calling from a mobile phone or 507-7777, if the call is from the city. Note that both numbers serve to activate call forwarding option and disable it.
To yourself to do the service activation, use your phone menu (but only if it is made according to the GSM standard). In addition, the operator created and the numbers of special USSD-command for connection of call forwarding. You can type on the keyboard the following: **(service code call forwarding)*(phone number)#. As soon as you need to disable any of the installed types of call forwarding, use the USSD-request ##002#. To obtain accurate information about each method redirect code right on the operator's official website. Here are 3 main options: code 67 (set at a time when the number is busy), 21 (for connection of unconditional forwarding), 61 (the service will be active if no answer).
Do not forget that installing forwarding requires correct entry of a phone number. So be sure to include it only in the international format, so it's not an eight, and +7. Here is an example to activate the service, local phone: +7 (city code)(phone number). To forward calls to any Russian operator, dial the number +7 (network code)(phone number). If the service is connected for a subscriber of the Megaphoneshould be typed thus: +7 926 (number). Call forwarding to voice mail requires a call to the number +79262000222.