You can activate call forwarding and other services provided by Beeline, on the website There you need to enter a username and password. Login – your phone number in a Beeline, without city code (without 8). Password – either you are already registered in this system and know the password. Either you will be sent a text message. This method may not be suitable, if phone call forwarding which you require. Currently La you.
Another way is to call the customer service of Beeline and activate the service on the phone. The number of the support center: (495) 974-8888. There the operator will ask you for passport details, as well as information on registration, in order to ascertain your identity. This method is suitable if you have forgotten your phone or it runs out of power, so you can't activate the service yourself directly.
You can connect forwarding a query *110*031# [call].
Another way to self-connect forwarding the call to a special number: 06709031 [call]
To configure forwarding, you can use the special sequences. To enable forwarding of all calls are absolutely coming into a room, dial **21*[your phone number]#[call]. To cancel this command, enter ##21#[call].
In the case of call forwarding, only when your number is busy, to enable the service, dial **67*[phone number]#[call]. To disable this divert dial: ##67#[call]. Forwarding calls while your phone is off: **62*[phone number]#[call]. Disabling this option: ##62#[call].
Very convenient forwarding to Beeline only when you do not answer an incoming call. Moreover, you can configure the time after which the waiting call will be redirected. The default interval of 30 seconds. Valid intervals: 5,10,15,20,25,30 seconds. To activate the service, dial **61*[your phone number]**[waiting time before divert]#[call], and to deactivate ##61#[call].
To cancel all forwarding configured on your number, dial ##002#[call].