Customers of the operator "MegaFon" the service is available via toll free number of customer service 0500. However, it will fit only for calls from a mobile phone. If you need to call from a landline, use the number 5077777. Please note that these rooms allow you to disable forwarding calls.
Another method of service activation is to send a special USSD-request **(service code call forwarding)*(phone number)#. To cancel the set thus forwarding, use the command ##(ID of the connected services, forwarding)#. Another universal number to deactivate this USSD ##002#. All interesting codes call forwarding subscribers can find in the corresponding section of the official website of "Megaphone".
To install on your phone forwarding, subscribers of Beeline have to send special request. This can be done using the USSD command **21*(phone number)#. It allows you to activate the absolute (full) forwarding, it works in all cases. If the client will need to order the type of service that is only activated when a busy phone, it should dial USSD-dial **67*(phone number)#. Disabling forwarding may twenty four hours by request. ##67#.
The mobile operator "MTS" allows all users to install forwarding through the customer support center. It is possible to call the number 8-800-333-0890. In addition, there are several systems, namely: "Internet Assistant", "Mobile assistant" and "SMS-Assistant".
Management service is available through USSD requests. To enable absolute call forwarding, dial on a telephone keypad command **21*(phone number)#. It is possible to connect partial forwarding: send your request to the number **67(phone number)# or **62*(phone number)#. To deactivate service to subscribers are provided with USSD-command ##002#. The installation will cost 30 rubles, off completely free. The monthly fee for the service is missing.