Connection forwarding among clients of "MTS" is done by typing the phone numbers of the support center: 8 800 333 0890. In addition, you can choose one of the systems: "SMS Assistant", "Mobile Assistant" or "Internet Assistant". Managed the service "call Forwarding" and with the help of USSD-requests. To connect dial **21*phone number#. If you need a partial forwarding, run the query via command **62* phone number# or **67*phone number#. To disable the service simply dial ##002#. The single costs 30 rubles, no subscription fee.
If your operator is "MegaFon", activate the forwarding service a short number of customer service 0500. To dial a number from phone. To activate call forwarding from your home phone you need to use the room 5077777, which you can also call to deactivate the service. Try to activate the service in other ways: dial on your phone keypad USSD-command **service code call forwarding*phone number#. To turn off call forwarding uses USSD ##002#. The full list required for activation and deactivation codes can be found on the website of the company.
The operator "Beeline" also has a special request to activate call forwarding. You can accomplish it with the combination **21*phone number#. This command activates the forwarding of fully valid in all cases. If you need to activate the service, which is only activated when busy, run the command **67*phone number#. To deactivate call forwarding anytime you use a query ##67#.