MTS company has created for its customers a few systems that allow you to manage existing services even without leaving your home. It should be called "SMS-Assistant", "Mobile Assistant" and "Internet Assistant". To get information about any of them, it is not necessary to apply directly to the salon operator. You can just go to the website Also available at any time and call the contact center at the number 8-800-333-0890. In addition, to manage the service you can send USSD ##002#.
If you use the Megaphone, you have the option to disable the service entirely, or only one active forwarding. To use the second method, you need to double-click on phone press # and then enter the appropriate call forwarding code. In the end don't forget again to click on the grid icon and send your request. If you are unsure whether code you enter, check all the information right on the company website. In addition, the online affordable prices for the provision of services, conditions of its activation and deactivation. Please note that all prices are set by the operator in accordance with each tariff plan.
Besides all the above, there are other ways of disabling services MegaFon. You can visit any salon or call customer service. Please note: depending on what kind of phone you call will determine the necessary number. So, if you decide to call mobile, then start typing 0500 and hit the call button. To call from your home phone, you will need a call number 5077777. It should also be mentioned that in this way not only can you disable forwarding, but and reconnect.
The subscribers of "Beeline" to cancel call forwarding should go to the official website of the operator and find the list of all codes to the service. Himself USSD-request will look as follows: **code redirection*your phone number#.