To connect this service, you must dial an SMS message, which will indicate the text "fw 79ХХХХХХХХХ", and send it on +79272909090 (79ХХХХХХХХХ need to specify the number that will continue to occur forward). The service can at any time disable. To do it easy enough: send to the same number +79272909090 a message with the text "nofw".
Before connecting it is recommended to refill your balance if it is not sufficient, because with a personal account, the operator just removes the monthly fee, equal to 15 rubles. Cancellation of this fee will occur regardless of the time of activation of the service (hereinafter the subscription fee will be collected the first day of each month). But funds for forwarded messages, the operator does not remove, as they are charged as incoming.
Now for standard forwarding. You can install it (and disable) calling from your mobile phone to short number 0500 or from the city to the number of subscriber service 507-7777. In addition, to activate the service "call Forwarding" you can own. To do this, use a special USSD-command ** (service code call forwarding)* (phone number)#. To cancel the selected forwarding option, type on the keyboard, your mobile number ## (service code call forwarding)#. If you want to completely abandon the use of the service, dial ##002#. View all service codes and choose the one you want, you can visit the official website of the operator "MegaFon".