In most cases, there are several types of call forwarding:
Conditional. After the connection is activated automatically recorded greeting, which the caller will be prompted to switch to tone dialing to dial the combination numbers for subsequent connections with you.
Unconditional. Calls received to your number are immediately forwarded to the number you have designated in advance.
In the absence of call answer and caller if your phone is out of phone range or turned off, the call goes to the stated phone number. When you select this type of call forwarding you have the opportunity to set the time interval after which the call will be redirected.
If the phone number is busy, and if your device of when it comes to loading web pages in the data transfer mode, automatically your subscriber gets to the other given phone line.
Use as separate types of call forwarding and simultaneous connection of all.
The above-described forwarding service operators provide fixed and mobile cellular communication.
Forwarded calls are charged according to your tariff plan (depending on the selected direction of the forwarding cost may vary).
To connect (and subsequently, if desired, to disable) the service "call Forwarding" in several ways.
Call support, your phone system and contact the operator.
Enter a specific command via SMS message (from the operator).
Use a computer: connect to the worldwide web and apply online. The settings of this service are typically specified in the instructions attached to your handset.