Clients of the operator "Megaphone" to activate the service by dialing a short number subscriber service 0500. However, this number can be reached only from a mobile phone. If you need to use your home phone, use the number 5077777. By the way, the same offer is available and disable call forwarding. There is also another way of activation: the phone keypad, dial a special USSD-command ** (service code call forwarding)* (phone number)#. To cancel the service, the operator provides ## (ID of the connected services, forwarding)#. In that case, if you want to completely disable the service, use USSD-request ##002#. All the necessary cheats you can find on the official website of the company.
To activate call forwarding subscribers of the operator "Beeline" should send a special request. It can be sent, for example, by using a number **21* phone number# (it is used to install the full redirector, which is not acting in any particular case, and all). If you need to activate the service switch on only when busy, dial USSD-command **67* phone number#. To disable the service users may at any time by request ##67#.
The clients of MTS can connect forwarding, typing on the keyboard of the mobile phone number to the customer support center 8-800-333-0890. You can also use one of the systems self-service "SMS-Assistant", "Mobile Assistant" or "Internet Assistant". To manage the service "call Forwarding", and using the USSD-requests. To connect an absolute divert you need to dial **21* phone number#. In addition, you can enable partial forwarding: use a request to **67* phone number# or **62* phone number#. Deactivate and ##002#. The activation cost is 30 rubles, no subscription fees.