The clients of "MTS" offers several types of call forwarding. To connect any of them is possible via sending USSD-requests. To install absolute forwarding, use the number **21* phone number# and to deactivate is ##67#. If you want to install a redirect only at the time, while your phone is busy, dial on your mobile USSD-dial **67* phone number#. This service can be deactivated by already specified number ##67#. For service connection at that time, until the mobile device is outside the network coverage, enter **62* phone number#. To deactivate the service dial ##62# to disable the call forwarding - ##002#.
To install any of the following types of forwarding network subscribers of MTS can use the number of the Contact center 8-800-333-0890 or one of the systems (for example, "Mobile Assistant", "SMS Assistant" or "Internet-Helper"). For connecting services from the account will be debited in the amount of 30 rubles, the monthly fee for the use of forwarding will be charged.
In the "Beeline" to activate the service, you will need to send a special request. If you need full redirection, then send USSD request to number **21* phone number#. To activate call forwarding enabled when busy please dial **67* phone number#. To deactivate the services the operator provides subscribers with short number ##67#.
In order to activate the service "call Forwarding" in the "MegaFon", you need to call from a mobile phone the Subscriber service 0500 or from a landline phone at number 5077777. These numbers will come in handy when you want to disable forwarding. To activate the company's customers can use a special USSD-request ** service code call forwarding* telephone number#. The required service code, you can always find on the official website of "MegaFon". If you want to completely abandon the further use of the service, send a request by dialing ##002#.