To check service status press *# 4 3# . If you have no such service, and you want to activate, press * 4 2 #.
If you connect this service, against the background of a conversation, you will hear a characteristic signal - a rare, short beeps.
If during a call you received such a signal, the PBX can continue the conversation with his companion. The caller, the person will just hear long beeps. No switching of teams is not necessary to perform.
You can call this new call. Press ® (usually placed at the center of the panel or phone is one of the keys * or # to switch lines or hold a conversation), and after the beep press 0.
In that case, if the incoming call is very important to you, give a bounce to your first interlocutor. Hit ®, and after receiving a long beep — 1.
In order to support both conversation, switch to the 2nd of the interlocutor, not interrupting the current conversation, press ® and after receiving dial tone, press 2. In this case, this service will allow you to handle two conversations at the same time.
So, without distractions, to talk to the second speaker, the first give out. Hit ®, after receiving dial tone, press 0.
To return to the original conversation, but the second caller to hang, perform the commands ® long beep 1.
When connecting to rooms 0850, 0890, 112, 0880, service "Second line" will not connect.
If you for some reason are not satisfied, you can disable it. Enter # 4 2 #. In response come SMS-the message that the service is disabled. If this does not help, call the help Desk of the operator.