According to the official website of MegaFon, in order to install the service of call forwarding, dial 0500 on your mobile phone or 507-7777, if you call from a landline. You will connect with an operator subscription service, which will help to activate this service.
For self-use settings additional options your mobile phone menu. As a rule, depending on the brand and the manufacturer, it may be in the folder "Settings" or "Phone book". To control the call forwarding option please refer to the mobile phone.
Use the network command. This requires you to specify a special code. If you want to forward all incoming calls, enter 21. If there is no response (within 30 seconds) dial 61. If the phone is offline or disconnected – 62, and if the phone is busy – 67. So, in order to set up forwarding in this manner, dial **(one of the above codes)*(forwarding number)# call. Services with codes 61, 62, 67 can be used at the same time.
For subscribers of MegaFon this service is available not only calls, but also data or Fax reception. To install it, specify type of call: enter 10 for call forwarding all calls 11 for calls, 13 – when sending faxes, the 20 during data transfer. So, to control the forwarding service by type of call, dial **(code)*(phone number to receive calls)*(type of call)# call.