Advice 1: How to turn off call forwarding to MegaFon

Thanks to the service "call Forwarding" provided by the communication operator "MegaFon", you will not miss an important call even if your phone will be disconnected, exhausted, broken, forgotten at home or be out of range of the network. You just need to set the call forwarding to any convenient number, and you can receive calls on your mobile.
How to turn off call forwarding to MegaFon
To connect and disconnect this service, the subscribers of "MegaFon" can two different ways: by using either alone. To use operator, you must dial the number of subscriber service 507-7777, if you are calling from a landline, or 0500 if calling from a mobile (this number may how to set "call Forwarding" and disable it).
In that case, if you prefer to do the activation yourself, you can use the menu of your mobile phone (if it relates to the GSM standard). In addition, there are special USSD-command for activating and deactivating the "Forwarding". For activation dial on the keypad of your phone number ** (service code call forwarding)* (phone number)#. To cancel any call forwarding dial ## (service code call forwarding)#; and to disable services you will need a team ##002#. Know interested service code, you can the official website of the operator "MegaFon". Here are some of them: 1)21 (for unconditional forwarding); 2)61 (divert if no reply); 3)62 (failing connection); 4)67 (if the number is busy).
Please note that to properly forward should the phone number be entered in international format (ie +7). Here's an example: +7 (city code) (phone number). This is an example for redirection to a landline. Or, if forwarding occurs to the number of MegaFon-Moscow: +7 926 (number). To provide the service to the room of any other Russian operator to dial the number +7 (network code) (phone number). To forward an voice mail, use the number +79262000222.
The service connection is free, but the trip through the subscription service will cost you 30 rubles. The use of the service will be paid in accordance with the rates of your tariff plan.
Subscribers who have installed any type of redirection, lose the ability to use a service called "call barring". By the way, impossible is forwarding to international destinations.

Advice 2: How to install call forwarding on your phone

Call forwarding from one number to another can be very useful. For example, everybody gets to leave your phone at home, having gone to work, or not on time when battery is dead, or when several rooms, and the willingness and ability to carry multiple phones. Anyway, the forwarding may be necessary to every owner of a cell phone. Telecom operators have long provide the ability to configure forwarding of incoming calls, both conditional and unconditional. Conditional call forwarding works when You can't answer, are busy or unavailable and unconditional in all cases. Let's consider how to configure it independently from different operators.
MegaFon, Beeline, MTS, TELE2
To activate call forwarding:
**(service code call forwarding) * (phone number) # (call).

For removal:
## (service code call forwarding) # (call);
to cancel all call diverts:
##002# (call).

Forwarding codes:
21 — unconditional;
61 — absence of response;
62 — if you cannot connect;
67 — if the phone is busy.
To activate call forwarding:
* (service code forwarding) (phone number) (how).

For removal:
* 62 (call) to cancel unconditional call forwarding;
* 64 (challenge) — for cancellations, when there is no answer;
* 65 (call) when engaged;
* 61 (calling) — when no answer or busy.

Forwarding codes:
72 — unconditional;
74 — when there is no answer;
75 — busy;
71 — no answer or busy.
Example. Setting unconditional forwarding from a Megaphone:
**21*+79260123456# (call).
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