Chemistry. Main profile subject for medical students. If you do not know chemistry at a high level, in medical you can do, but studying would be extremely difficult. And in the first session all knowledge gaps will be visible so that will not help the many mulligans. How to learn chemistry – it's up to the applicant and parents: training courses, self-study through books and through the Internet or Tutors – scope for this is large for any mental and financial preference.
Biology. The second core subject in medical school not to do. Particularly will be studied human anatomy, so in preparation for the arrival you should pay close attention to the study of this section of biology. A successful exam will need, of course, the knowledge gained in all the years in school.
Physics. Some universities and professions this item replaces chemistry. It is found among the relevant subjects in medical schools very often, so his availability should be clarified in a particular institution. For example, physics may be listed among the relevant to the dental Department of the medical school.
Russian language. The subject is not relevant, but necessary. As the competitions for admission to medical schools is extremely high, good scores on the Russian language can fix a picture's overall score if the other items fail excellent. But do not forget that have to learn in medical school, so a deep knowledge in relevant fields.