Before you start training, evaluate your capabilities. The work of the surgeon is connected with the constant nervous and physical strain. Hours of operation will require good health and endurance. The surgeon must possess such qualities as will power, determination, ability to quickly navigate the situation and make a decision that affects the patient's life. Not all people are capable of it. If you have decided to become a surgeon, start preparing in advance - increase your endurance and strengthen your heart. For this part, engage in physical activity.
Do the preventive-treatment faculty of the medical University in the pediatric or, if you want to specialize in pediatric surgery. Five years you will study medicine together with future physicians and obstetricians in a single program. In the sixth year will have distribution in three directions and the passage of subordinator on a particular specialty. Surgeons want to become a medical students, but not all are competition. For this to be excellent and good marks in most subjects.
In residency you will study the various surgery departments, located directly in clinical departments of hospitals. Take a look in what area you would like to work. In surgery, there are several areas, all of them have their own specifics. Surgeons-oncologists treat a variety of tumors, neurosurgeons operate on the brain and the spinal cord, vascular surgeons perform operations on the vessels, etc. In each specialty has its own peculiarities. Not everyone will be under the force to work daily with cancer patients seem more enjoyable experience to work with a plastic surgeon. Determine the scope of future work immediately, then you have to specialize in a selected direction.
After graduation, you will receive a medical degree without specifying the specialty. This is not a complete education to become a surgeon you will specialize in the surgical Department. When enrolling in the internship, select from the options the one that suits your preference or close to it. Throughout the year you will work as a doctor under supervision of the head of internship, most often it is head of the Department. After the internship you will receive a certificate of the surgeon and may proceed to independent practice.
If you want to specialize in any particular area of surgery, for example, be a cardiac surgeon or plastic, you will need to pass residency. This two-year cycle of training at the Institute or Academy of advanced medical. You will pass a course of theoretical training in the chosen field of surgery and will learn practical skills operations. If you have a desire to do scientific work, you can continue studying in full or part-time (without separation from work) graduate school.