Experienced professionals suggest to start your journey in medicine with training in medical school. For three years (nursing or midwifery) or chartered years (for medical office), you will learn the basics of the profession. Professionals say that in medical school are taught to work in more hands, and at the medical University - head.
Training in medical school takes six years. Correspondence Department does not exist, so you will have to combine study with work. Not work it is possible, but highly undesirable - it is only in practice, you can learn many things. In many cases, the theory remains only theory.
In addition, do not expect any concessions from teachers. From you will depend on people's lives, why not teach something or moonlight will not work.
After receiving higher education is waiting for you...continue studying.
The internship is a primary specialization in the chosen specialty. Training continues throughout the year.
Residency - deeper training in the chosen specialty. It lasts two to three years.
If after finishing residency you have a desire to pursue a career in science, you can go to graduate school. Learning time in it depend on many factors, generally the learning process takes 3-4 years.
Next level - doctorate and doctoral dissertation, as a result of its completion. Last doctoral training can be very long - more than 10 years.