First of all, apply to the nearest medical school. In almost every region of the country there are schools, and each year nearly 50 medical academies, institutes and universities get about 30,000 doctors. Jobs for neurologist arranged for about 1,000 physicians who have undergone internship. To become in the future one of them is enough to qualify and be enrolled in medical or pediatric faculty in such an institution.
After submission complete theoretical training in biology, Russian language and chemistry exam results for these subjects are taken into account when determining admissions. Many universities conduct training courses, which will not only help to do, but will greatly facilitate the understanding of the medical items in the first year of study. Thus, the assertion "I want to become a doctor" little need substantial theoretical training.
If admission to medical school took place, then you have to go through six years training of medical and paramedical specialties. More than 50 exams 150 exams and about 11 000 hours – this tests for the 6 years required to pass every student. At the end of training future doctors have to pass the final assessment, demonstrating their skills and knowledge of the state Commission. All of the above answers the question of how to become a doctor, but, paradoxically, the person with the specialty "doctor" (it is written in the diploma) of physician work has no right. Need more specialization.
If after graduation, you still want to you get a neurologist, feel free to do the internship in this specialty. If you go into the internship year of graduation, you have the right to study on a budgetary basis. In other cases, you will have to enter into a contract with the regional sensible in which you agree to work for 3 years as a neurologist on a given Committee vacancy, or to act on a commercial basis.