Remember that any medical certificate of a specialist is valid for five years, after which you must re-confirm the right to work in this specialty. Each medical Academy organized certification cycles, the nature of the improvement for professionals working at least one year. The duration of the course on thematic improvement must be not less than 144 hours.
Write a statement addressed to the head physician with the request to allow you to pass the course. Remember that the staffing of the certification cycles correlated with the need of healthcare institutions in the training of employees. If you are in need of primary specialization, be aware that the Department of health and your health care facility can contract with the faculty about training you as a professional.
Grant to the Academy the relevant documents. Please note that the certification Commission of the medical institution is obliged to consider the application and other your documentation within 1 month. At the time of submission of documents to check the requirements of the certification fee and the nature of the certification cycle. Then identify topics for self-study (they should be about 1/3 of the curriculum), coordinate this with the curator of the cycle.
Upon completion of training, be ready to endure the certification exam, after successful completion of which you are entitled to expect to receive the required certificate. Without examination a certificates expert issued only to doctors on the basis of submitted documents.