Before becoming a dentist, you must have knowledge in medicine. For admission to the UNIVERSITY welcomed a diploma of secondary special education, especially red. It is therefore advisable to start training at the medical College. Higher education, in addition to advantages on the entrance exam, gives the opportunity to study at the evening Department of the medical Institute.
For admission to medical school prepare for exams in chemistry, biology and Russian language. Find out the conditions of admission to the University on the exam; each school has its own rules of admission of applicants. Pass the entrance examination and wait for the enrollment to the 1st year.
The first courses will receive fundamental training in basic disciplines: mathematics, chemistry, physics, Latin languages. For all medical faculties of the University are provided a common base program.
With 2-3 courses of special study of medicine. Reinforce theoretical knowledge with practice in medical establishments as Junior medical staff.
At the undergraduate walk medical practice in the dental clinic under the supervision of a physician. The fifth course will define the area of dentistry, to work in which you will in the future, and select the Department.
After 5 years of study at the University will receive a diploma without the right to conduct practical activities. This document indicates that you have mastered theoretical knowledge. The Dean will receive a referral to the internship.
Pass the practical training in internship on the basis of dental clinics under the supervision of skilled professionals. In a year will receive a certificate on the basis of which you have the right to treat people as a General dentist.
To become a specialist in one of the areas of dentistry, e.g., periodontal or orthopedics, will do in residency. Diploma of residency is also required and even dentists who plan to make an administrative career and become a chief doctor or head of the Department.
If you are prone to academic career, continue training in postgraduate study and then doctorate. In the end, to become a dentist, you will need more than 7-10 years, you should study and during operation for refresher courses.