You will need
  • - the document on education;
  • - the results of the exam or exams in the form of the University.
If you are seriously motivated to become a student of the medical Academy, submit an application for admission to the admissions office of the University. You will need a certificate of completion of eleven grades or a diploma of secondary special medical education. You can apply just five universities to choose in each of three directions.
If you at the end of the school passed the unified state exam, don't forget to get to the Academy certificates achieved. Otherwise, the University will ask you to pass the entrance test. As a rule, for admission to medical school requires the results of exams in Russian language, biology and chemistry.
When the documents are submitted and the examination results already known, we can only expect the compilation of the University a list of persons recommended for admission. If you find your name, then you can safely get to the admissions office of the Academy the original document about education.
If in the first wave to become a student of the Academy you are not lucky enough, we should expect, when filing original documents, and freed additional space.
As a rule, the competition for admission to higher educational institutions that prepare health workers is large enough. It is therefore likely not to be funded from the Federal budget. In this case, you can become a student on a contract basis or try to do for next year. You can also become a student of medical College, and at the end to enter the Academy.
To your chances of becoming a student at the medical Academy was high in advance to prepare for exams. If you think that the existing knowledge is not enough for you, take the study of additional literature and contact a tutor.