To think about how to attend medical school, should have after finishing the ninth grade. In this case, it is best not to finish school, and apply in specialized medical College, where you properly prepare for admission to the University, focusing on the areas of science, the possession of which will help you to pass the exam or entrance exams. Training in such a College, as a rule, paid.
If your city does not have a medical College or you don't want to do it for any reason, by focusing the study of the following subjects: Russian language, physics, chemistry and biology with anatomy. Possession will significantly increase your chances to pass the exams and to attend medical school.
If you understand that, despite all the efforts, your knowledge is not deep enough, you need to find tutoring in those subjects in which you are the worst. The best place to find Tutors in the medical school - these people know what are the requirements for applicants for admission and how to pass exams, and will prepare you for it better than others.
The last step to attend medical school, will be the passage of the admissions Committee. If the institution does not accept the results of the exam, you will have to pass the entrance exams, which are usually four: essay, physics, chemistry and biology. Common passing score for admission to medical school depends on the competition, but your chances will significantly increase if all the exams you will pass, not lower than "four".
Once you will be enrolled in medical school, it is important to remember: in order to become a doctor, you have a long and hard work. The greatest efforts will have to make in the first year: in first year usually deduct the largest number of students not coping with the training load.