The procedure for admission in most medical schools today similar: application, view the standard list of documents and successful passing of entrance examinations. Also, there are certain benefits for students - orphans, those deprived of parental care, or having target regions. Successfully to enter a medical easier for them than it is for the applicant going on a common basis. But in each case, these special conditions need to sort out separately in the admissions office of the chosen educational institution.
For admission to medical school requires the following documents:
- application for admission submitted by the applicant personally upon presentation of a passport;

- a document of complete secondary education (original certificate or its notarized copy);

- the certificate on results of unified state examination in Russian language, biology and chemistry (original or certified copy);

- medical certificate form 086/y;

- block of 6 photos size 3x4.
Separately can be submitted documents showing the candidate's achievements in his chosen profession, – the certificate mediko-biological school, specialized medical class, certificates in core subjects, the results of competitions, etc, that may enhance the propensity of the applicant to the medical profession and beneficial to present his personal and student quality.
If the student goes to medical school immediately after high school, he will need to provide to the selection Committee extract from the work book and a certificate of available vocational education. Because medical schools it is quite difficult to do school graduates, many prefer to pre-vocational secondary education in a medical College or school. The medical profession and especially experience it significantly increases the chances of the candidate to a successful admission to higher education.