Chemistry. Profile subject for each medical specialty, apart from dentistry in some high schools where chemistry is a core subject can stand physics. In any medical school without a great knowledge of chemistry to study fine will not work. Many items associated with her, therefore, if you decide to pass the exams in medical school and continue to study to become a surgeon, you must have a deep knowledge of chemistry and a high score on the exam.
Biology. Another profile subject, the points which must be very high. With further study at the University for the future the surgeons will need to know the whole human anatomy, and perfectly, otherwise the surgery it is better not to go. So even before leaving school you need to study biology and especially human anatomy. A detailed guide to the anatomy should be required reading to any applicant, and then medical student.
Math. Some universities as an additional subject included in the list of specialised mathematics. It happens very rarely, so it is better to clarify the question of its existence in the admissions office of a University. In most cases, the math appears in a number of core subjects, if you want to weed out a certain percentage of applicants for admission.
Russian language. This course is mandatory for all graduates, and high scores on the Russian language will make a total score at admission is higher. So for this test it makes sense to prepare as hard as other things.
Applicants who wish to enroll in the surgeon are not immediately recognizable on this specialty. First, all future medical students are distributed in several directions: "Medical business", "Stomatology", "pharmacy", "Pediatrics" and others. Future surgeons go on General medicine and three years are taught the same subjects with other students. Only after the 3rd year is a division for specialization.