The first step to getting a coveted profession - the end of medical school. The duration of study in Russian is 6 years. After graduation you receive a diploma on professional higher education certifying the qualification of a doctor. To apply for medical school right after graduation, but some enroll in College after medical College, improving their skills.
Diploma training of future doctors does not end there. After graduation the young specialist needs to enroll in the internship in the chosen specialty. Internship is a compulsory course of the postgraduate education, which lasts for 1 year. After graduation, the future doctor becomes an Intern and is a mandatory practice and specialization in the chosen area of clinical. Most often, the internship free, but in some cases students are forced to pay for the course if they failed to act on a budgetary basis.
The next stage residency that lasts 2 to 3 years. Residency is not mandatory, but its recommended to any young doctor who wants to improve their skills, gain experience, and specialize at higher levels. After the clinical studies of a specialist are much more likely to get a good job in the medical field up to the management positions. In medical institutions the graduates of the residency are valued much higher than yesterday's interns as residency gives a more complete education.
Thus, the total duration of medical education in our country up to 9-10 years. After the internship has the right to work in the specialty, therefore, further post-graduate education (residency, courses of improvement of doctors, certification, training) can be obtained without leaving the practice of medicine.