You will need
  • - results of unified state examination in chemistry, physics, biology and Russian language,
  • - passport,
  • - certificate of education,
  • photography
  • - documents on privileges.
Choose a school that you wish to study to become a dentist, it is better to do several, but not more than five. Be prepared for the fact that large reputable universities big contest and do much more difficult. Can start your education with College or trade school, they eligibility requirements below and it is necessary to learn only 3 years. But keep in mind that if you want, having received secondary education, to study further, you will not have any benefits and privileges at receipt in high school (not counting, of course, the best of the knowledge items).
Examinations for admission to the school pass in school, this exam (unified state exam). For admission to the University, as a rule, results are needed by chemistry, biology, Russian language and physics (physics is required not everywhere). To enroll in a vocational school or College, prepare results in chemistry and Russian language and will be useful to know the basics of artistic modeling.
Submit the required documents to the admissions office. Be sure to complete the application for admission and submit the original document about education (certificate of secondary complete primary or vocational education). In addition, you will need a photo 3x4 cm, certificate exam, held this year, as well as documents about the benefits to which applicant is entitled to receive. Additionally, you may need a medical certificate and identity card (or certificate of a citizen subject to conscription). Thanks to the universal spread of the Internet, the first set of documents in most educational institutions can be submitted in electronic form (however, if you do, go will still have).
Try to do this on a budget (free) place. Budget places are few (and every year becoming less), so the competition for them is great. In order to enroll, you must have very good exam results, so start from school very actively to study botany, Zoology, biology, anatomy, organic and inorganic chemistry to solve chemical challenges. If the score is still not enough, do not give up on your dreams, apply today for the paid Department.