How to get the SES permit

The leaders of organizations operating in the service sector catering and engaged in the manufacture of products, must obtain permission of SES. It should be clarified that the conclusion is of two types: on any work (service) and food. To obtain permission, SES need to collect the documents.

The authorization of SPP activities

If you want to carry out educational activities, you must obtain a license from the Rostpotrebnadzor. The same applies to medical and pharmaceutical activities (SES order No. 224 dated July 19, 2007).

What documents do you need?
- the statement;
- copies of constituent documents (Charter, Foundation agreement, the certificate on registration and INN assignment, an extract from EGRUL or egrip);
- certificate from the Bank about the open settlement and currency accounts;
- lease agreement or evidence of ownership;
- contract for garbage removal;
- contract for preventative treatment (disinfection) and sanitary passport of the object;
- building project (with indication of location, ventilation, sanitation and technology);
- the contract for disposal of hair (if your company provides hairdressing services);
- the contract for the disposal of disposable syringes (if applicable);
- documents confirming the purchase of sterilizers;
- various certificates (e.g. medical).

What's next?

To get the SES permit, you will need to carry out sanitary-epidemiological expertise. To do this, pay a state fee in any branch of Sberbank of Russia (6000 rubles). The documents and provide a receipt to Rostpotrebnadzor. You will be assigned the day of the examination. After the conference the staff of SES will issue an opinion within one month. The permission is a period of a year and a half (depending on activity).