To monitor the status of water bodies, especially those located near human settlements, is one of the tasks of sanitary-epidemiologic supervision. Water quality in reservoirs, where locality get their drinking water, as well as in locations designated for swimming, controls the Federal service. This organization simply call, but you can write an application in any form. Specialists of Rospotrebnadzor enough of any signal to start the test.

The Committee of ecological safety

The local authority is the Agency responsible for the environment. It may be called differently, depending on which option is adopted in the region. This can be a Department of nature management, ecological safety, environmental protection, etc.

There is better to contact if you see illegal dumping on the banks, or received information that some company dumps untreated sewage. The specialists of this Department can initiate a review, contact the Prosecutor's office and courts. Fines for environmental pollution provided a lot, but there is a procedure of their collection that need to be observed.

The Prosecutor's office

Every Russian citizen has the constitutional right to a healthy environment. To monitor compliance with legislation, including environmental, obliged the Prosecutor's office. If you see that the pond is contaminated, write a statement of this Supervisory authority. This is best done by personally contacting the reception room where you provide a sample application. In many municipalities the local Prosecutor's office already and can be accessed through an electronic reception.

The environmental Prosecutor's office

There is a Supervisory body that deals exclusively with issues related to environmental compliance. Offices are in all the regions. You can contact both personally and via the Internet. The procedure is exactly the same as when applying to the ordinary Prosecutor's office.

Public Council

To draw the attention of authorities on a particular environmental problem and through the public Council in this case on the environment. Such councils exist in the governors of many Russian regions, as well as with the heads of administration. This is useful if the reservoir pollution caused by a problem that may not solve the Supervisory authorities. For example, if the waterfront is littered with trash, and the municipality or subject no conditions for their utilization.