Advice 1: How to write a complaint to SES

Write a complaint to SES (Rospotrebnadzor) in written or electronic form. A prerequisite for consideration of the application is to specify the name, the contact details of the applicant, the lack of insults and threats in the text of the complaint.
How to write a complaint to SES
The complaint in the SES (Rospotrebnadzor) may be filed by any person in respect of which the violations of the rights of consumers and sanitary-epidemiological norms, and legal interests. The appeal shall be submitted in written or electronic form. If necessary, you can use both of these ways, and to receive responses in electronic form should specify your own email address.

The form for electronic filing of complaints can be found on the official website of Rospotrebnadzor, which should follow the link "Send message" located at the top of the home page. A written complaint shall be sent by ordinary mail, and if you want confirmation of its receipt by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt.

What should be in the complaint?

SES considers complaints and appeals in accordance with the General rules established for administrative appeal of illegal actions, decisions. Mandatory requirements for consideration of the complaint is the names, contact information of the person who is the applicant. In addition, it is forbidden to include in the complaint with threats, profanity, insults, under which the officer is entitled to consider the appeal.

In the address part of the complaint also States the Central authority of CPS or the particular Department in which it is sent. The text of the complaint should clearly step-by-step explanation of the circumstances under which there was a violation of the rights of the applicant to indicate the specific legal regulations (for example, on the basis of the law "On protection of consumer rights") that were violated.

What could you ask for in the complaint?

The CPS has the authority to conduct their own inspections, and the detection of signs of crime – directs data to the appropriate authorities. In addition, the bodies and officials of the service can consider some of the cases on administrative offences, to bring the perpetrators to justice.

That is why in the final part of the complaint generally outlines the request for inspection in relation to a particular organization, accountability for certain offense. The complaint shall be signed by the applicant (except in case of electronic filing of appeals) and then directed for consideration. The results and decisions of the applicant is always notified through the dispatch of the response by ordinary mail or by e-mail.

Advice 2: How to write a letter to the CPS

To file a complaint, statement, comment for any reason at any government Agency. You can do it in different ways. To describe the problem need to be accurate, preferably with the application, required documents, logical and consistent.
How to write a letter to the CPS
First, determine the subject. What is your purpose in sending the document to the organization? Determine the sequence of presentation. Letter you can write and send mail, using the Internet or via email.
If you decide to send the letter by mail, take a sheet of A4 paper. In the upper right corner, write the name, index, and mailing address of the CPS, next, list your personal details, place of residence, phone and email address. In the middle of the document write in small letters the word, statement, complaint, claim.
Start writing from the beginning, please describe what prompted you to contact the organization for the protection of the rights of consumers. Describe the problem in detail, avoid emotions, write only the facts. Next, specify what you do not like and where you applied to resolve the conflict or solve the problem, the results of treatment. The letter shall describe in detail all requirements, requests or questions. Focus on specific actions and violations. Do not invent anything and do not make assumptions.
Take the letter to any post office, it is better if you send it registered with the notification. In this case, be sure that it will reach the addressee. As a rule, the time of delivery of such letters varies from 3 to 15 days.
You have the right to send a letter via the Internet. This can be done using the official websites. For example, Consumers Union of the Russian Federation. You should go to the website, find the column labeled "citizens" and describe the problem. This requires you to specify your personal data, when, where, and under what circumstances was the situation, your request or requirements. Need not be guided by emotions, try to state only the facts. All applications are thoroughly processed their study, conduct the test and give the answer in accordance with the law within 30 days from the date of treatment.
Can come to CPS personally. In this case, you should contact the reception to the head or leave a message in the office where the person authorized to receive such documents. Here and there you will put a mark of acceptance on your copy and register the fact of its submission. The answer is given within 30 days by mail. You have the right to take it personally. If you are not satisfied with such order, make an appointment with the head held in a certain schedule of citizens reception days.
Find out the email address of the head of Rospotrebnadzor. All information received at this address, the official studies and within the time gives the answer. In some cases, the period may be extended as may be required to conduct additional examinations, audits, and other actions, but not more than 15 days.
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