Familiar from childhood with the phone number 01 typing which you can get in a single duty dispatching service, you might need it only to call from a landline phone. Service Manager, depending on what kind of a situation happened to you, redirects the call to the fire Department medical service, police service or MOE.
In that case, if you want to target rescuers, then this service there is a uniform telephone hotline GU the Ministry of emergency situations, which is different for each region and province. Find out it in the information service of the city where you reside, dial 09. Beat this phone in his notebook. Learn the emergency number of the Ministry of emergency situations you can on the website of this organization by selecting the line number is your region of residence from the drop-down list in the upper right corner.
The most expeditious way to contact the MOE will be call from your mobile phone. Unfortunately, the technical features of mobile communications is not allowed to use two-digit numbers. You will not be able to communicate with rescuers typing traditional room 01. To bond carried out, simply add the "extra" 0 and dial the three digits 0, 1 and 0.
On call Manager unified rescue services by mobile phone in any region of Russia by the number 112. This call will be free, so it can be exercised not only in the complete absence of funds in the mobile account of your phone, but even in that case, if it is missing or blocked SIM card. A call to the number 112 is a priority before any other calls, so contact the Manager, you will be able in a very short time.