You will need
  • phone;
  • the phone number for psychiatric help.
Before you call the psychiatric help, agree about it with the person in need, not to violate his rights. With the exception of cases when the patient's condition causes concern and threatens his life and the lives of others, and the reason the patient blurred.
Make sure that you need is psychiatric help, and not any other kind of care. A need for urgent psychiatric aid is a separate group of patients: patients who are in a manic state, patients with seizures, convulsions, severe depression, sick people with various disorders of consciousness and perception of reality.
If one of these items – just your case, immediately call a psychiatric help. When you wait for a reply, notify by telephone all necessary information.
Call the phone number from which you are calling professionals. Then specify the surname, name, patronymic; sex; patient's age; the circumstances which led to cause psychiatric assistance; actions you took; the address at which the patient is located; your name, name and patronymic.
If the patient behaves aggressively, and their behavior may harm their lives or the lives of others, call both the police and psychiatric help. Probably the police will arrive faster and will be able to keep patient until the arrival of the doctors.
If the patient has suicidal tendencies, contact your therapist or call a psychiatric help. Such cases should always be treated very seriously, even if you know that the threat of suicide is just a way of manipulating others.
Causing psychiatric help, let's be clear and comprehensive information about the patient, do not hide anything. This will help the professionals to correctly diagnose a mental disorder and to choose the most suitable method of treatment.