Advice 1: How to call a gasman

Residents of any home, as well as users of industrial premises or office, unfortunately, is not immune to the various troubles that are associated with this threat, but all the necessary stuff like gas. Sometimes there are leaks that require the installation or replacement of pipes. In such cases, you need to contact gas service in order to enjoy the arrival of the specialist.
How to call a gasman
You will need
  • Mobile or landline, Internet access
Remember, not recorded do you have somewhere phone the gas manwho helped you earlier. Usually gas service workers happy to leave their personal phone numbers so people could contact them directly in case of certain difficulties. If the phone number will be found, type it, draw master problem and agree on the date and time of his visit to you.
If in the past you had to call a specialist in gas equipment or the room was lost accidentally dial home or office phone number short 04. You can get through to the Manager of emergency services, which will specify all the necessary information concerning the problem, will instruct on further action, get their address and tell during what time in your home or office wizard appears.
Sometimes a landline is not at hand. If you have only a mobile phone that does not support the set of two-digit numbers, check on the website of the operator, how to call the emergency toll free numbers. For example, users of Tele2 to call the gas emergency service, dial 04* or 040. Also can be linked with hazard, calling the seven digit number. For example, in St. Petersburg, it 6100404.
While you are waiting for the arrival of the professional, don't just sit there, and provide them unimpeded access to the gas equipment and pipes, so he wasted no time, quickly identify and resolve the problem. If you suspect a gas leak, do not switch on the light, don't light the stove and do not smoke in the room. Observe the strictest security measures. Never delay a call to the gas emergency service for later, risking their own lives and the lives of your family and neighbours. The sooner you call the gasman, the more likely satisfy your basic need for a high level of security.
In your phone, laptop, diary or notebook must be written the number of the gas emergency and/or gasman.
Useful advice
If you do not show sufficient anxiety and concern about the problem when communicating with the dispatcher, the wait time for a specialist can be much longer.

Advice 2: How to call a gas service

As you know, with the gas to be trifled with. If in the apartment there was the slightest smell of gas, or there is a suspicion about the leak, in any case, no need to sort out the problem themselves, but should call the gas service. This service can help in solving the current problems that have arisen with equipment.
How to call a gas service
In our country there are short numbers for emergency call services. These include gas emergency. Because a gas leak can cause an explosion or fire, a fix can only deal with highly specialized experts from the gas industry. If you are in the apartment or in the house, there is a landline telephone, to call the gas emergency service, dial 04.
There are times when calling emergency services from a landline phone is not possible and there is a need to call the gas emergency service from a mobile phone. Leading mobile operators of the country offer their subscribers the opportunity. On cell phone, dial 040 – if you are a subscriber of MTS, MegaFon or 004 – if your Beeline. A call to the emergency service is always free, even when there is no SIM card.
If you need to make routine maintenance of gas appliances, replace gas hoses, knots and other details, contact the territorial dispatch service of gas facilities. Manager will accept and register the application in the journal. The mechanic will receive a request and will come to your home for inspection of a gas appliance to malfunction.
After the expert inspection of gas equipment, sign a contract for the repair of a gas economy. The plumber will write out a receipt for the payment. Pay that ticket and a specialist will troubleshoot your device.
If you know on balance what the organization is your home in accordance with the signed agreement between you, you have the right to maintenance of intrahouse gas pipeline free of charge. Call the technical Department of gas industry and apply routine inspection of the pipeline. The draft in chimneys, integrity risers, connections to the appliances and automatic safety. Technical maintenance of in-house pipeline is held once a year.
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