Validation of SES can be scheduled and unscheduled. In the first case, the organization will soon visit checking, warned about their visit, no later than three working days before the appointed time. In case of customer complaints on may descend unexpectedly, without any warning. The total review period cannot exceed 20 working days. It is extended only in exceptional cases and not more than in the same period.

What documents may require the inspector of SES?

An entity in the three years since its inception, need not worry about the sudden or planned inspections of Rospotrebnadzor and all other inspections. However, the entrepreneur must from the very beginning of its work, accustomed to keep in order all the documents you want to show the inspector.

It is different health documentation: the production control program, the contract for the inspection, disinfection and cleaning of ventilation, for disinfestation and disinfection, waste collection, treatment and Laundry of workwear. It is important to timely and properly filled log disinfectants were available protocols, research tools, sanitary passport of object, sanitary-epidemiological conclusion on activity.

If the room uses fluorescent lamps, require a contract for their disposal. We should not forget that provided to the inspectors treaties must be carried out relevant work. So you will need to furnish certificates attesting to their implementation. If the room is rented, in preparation for a test of SES, you need to request from lessor all necessary documents to ensure the facility sanitary conditions, and relevant legislation.

How to prepare for the test room?

If the inspected point of catering, trade, school or preschool, the first checks the condition and contents of refrigerators and the shelf life of food products. All premises are inspected for cleanliness, special attention is given to the kitchen. Checks the working conditions of employees, so you will need to provide the inspection agreement for their annual physical examination or health books members of the team.

To be ready for the unplanned inspection, it is necessary to maintain the facility cleanliness, appropriate sanitary standards. If in his previous visit to the inspector of SES was an Act and noted violations, they must all be eliminated, otherwise there is a risk of being subjected to more stringent penalties, which are expressed in rather imposing fines.