Find the room in which it will be your institution. Before you start building work and open your own cafe, get permission to place the object. This document is issued by Rospotrebnadzor, and is the official consent of this body to the location of a cafe or restaurant in the available space.

You must obtain permission from the authorities in fire safety, if you plan to open a café in soupstrainer building, this permit will be issued when putting the building into operation.

In addition, the number of documents on the compliance of establishments with sanitary norms. The permit is issued within 10 days the chief doctor sanepidemstantsii. To obtain permission, you must provide:
– the certificate on state registration;
– a lease of premises;
– conclusion for finished products and raw materials;
– the results of the medical examination of staff.

You must obtain the following licenses:
- license for retail trade (issued with a validity of 1 year);
- when implemented in cafe of alcoholic beverages need a license to sell alcohol and tobacco products.

To open a cafe, you must obtain a patent for the exercise of commercial activities. A patent is issued by the local authorities.

Restaurateur must to determine the legal form of its institutions: the individual businessman (IP), closed joint-stock company (CJSC), limited liability company (LLC), open joint-stock company (OAO). In addition, you need to determine the tax system is to choose between a General and a simplified system.

In addition to the documentation necessary to determine the concept of your restaurant or cafe, and then hire a designer to bring it. To hire qualified personnel, starting with administration.