You will need
  • call the local therapist;
  • - call the brigade 03;
  • call private psychiatric service.
If you need routine (non-urgent care) psychiatrist, but the patient can not be due to any serious causes himself to come (elderly, difficulty in movement, etc.), to carry out the call of doctor to patient is possible through the local doctor. Call physician and ask him to arrange for the arrival of the psychiatrist to the patient at home. Motivate the request so that it is the responsibility of each narrow specialist, leading the reception at the clinic.
If you do not wish to wait long for the arrival at the house of a psychiatrist from the free clinic, you can contact one of the private clinics, which have specialists of this profile. You can contact them by phone or using the other contact details displayed in the telephone directory of your city or on the website of the medical institution (if any). Stipulate all conditions with the duty Registrar, find out when you will be able to visit the doctor how much it will cost this service.
The acute progression, or exacerbation of chronic mental disorders have to act very quickly. The appearance in humans of the following symptoms, immediately call an ambulance psychiatric care: acute agitation, confusion, inappropriate behavior, malice, aggression, delusions, hallucinations, suicidal ideation. If you have any of these symptoms, do not delay another minute. How fast the person will provide expert assistance, depends not only on his health but also the welfare of others patient people. If your town has no emergency psychiatric care, call the usual team 03, with mobile phone till the Ambulance can call the following method: +7 (code of your city) 03111. Other options are possible, depending on the network operator.
Wanting to get anonymous assistance of qualified experts, contact the pay service providing emergency psychiatric care, if your city has one. In Moscow there are few such clinics, official sites which are on the Internet.