To call a psychiatric brigade dial 03 from a landline phone, 03# or 112 from any cell phone. Calls from service 01# sent to the ambulance service.

Acute psychosis characterized by disorientation, loss of time and space, aggression, threat, excitement or depression of consciousness – one of the main reasons the challenge of mental health care. Auditory, visual hallucinations and other types of deception of perception, including in severely ill somatic or infectious diseases, require the psychiatric help. At least these professionals have in the Arsenal of tools to ease the human condition.

When you need to call a psychiatric ambulance

Delirium tremens or delirium tremens require immediate psychiatric care, often a person may be a danger to themselves and to others. In case of overdose of drugs and other toxic substances, the ambulance is called based on the condition of the victim. If the victim is in a coma, required resuscitation team when the addict or the person who mistakenly took the drug, there is a change of consciousness, he was acting peculiar and unusual, sees and feels what is not. It is the competence of psychiatrists. But it would be better just to describe the condition of the victim on the phone, then an ambulance dispatcher can send the necessary specialists.

Long a depressed state of depression in which a person for several days did not leave the room, refuses to eat and does not communicate with the outside world, require a call psychiatrist at the house. If the person has not previously requested assistance, primary assistance is provided by the emergency doctor, if needed hospitalitynet it or pass the data to the local psychiatrist.

The person who tries to commit suicide or manipulating loved ones in this way – also a psychiatric patient. Timely help even the category that had not planned a real suicide, will help to restore clarity of thought and to prevent changes in personality.

If a person makes threats, dangerous to others, that is, it is not known what the nature of his behavior, it is recommended to call the police. Under the law doctors have the right to enter the premises and to provide assistance to patients who may be dangerous for them and for others. Psychiatrists to handcuff, and twisted, violent patient will definitely not be. Hospitalitynet person or with his consent, consent is not required in cases where he is a danger to themselves or others, unable to meet vital needs, and if the patient's condition without the patient care will deteriorate.

Hospitalitynet minors with parental consent, with the exception of requiring involuntary hospitalization. If the patient fails to Express their agreement or disagreement, what happens in cases of dementia, delirium and other conditions, the hospitalization occurs always and is considered involuntary. Patients who do not have family members that are hospitalized in the presence of police officers after a hospital stay, the apartment is sealed, the responsibility for the safety of the property lies with the police.

How to behave

When you need to call an ambulance violent person, overexcited, you should be especially careful to speak softly so as not to provoke aggression. Don't lose your temper, call the exact address whenever possible, the data of the patient date of birth and surname name. Describe the symptoms, trying to avoid platitudes. If you fear for your safety, the safety of loved ones and the patient, call the police, you can call the emergency services.

The ambulance do not interfere with the doctors. Step to the side, answering questions briefly and with restraint, so as not to provoke aggression. If you need hospitalization, prepare documents: your passport, insurance policy if available, personal belongings and hygiene. Please specify in which hospital the victim hospitalitynet. Answers to all questions will give the attending psychiatrist.