You will need
  • phone;
  • - telephone directory;
  • paper.
Let the memory of landline and mobile phones all emergency numbers (112 is unified information system emergency call emergency services 01 - fire, 02 - police, 03 - ambulance, 04 - gas emergency service), including the telephone numbers of the regional emergency departments. Maximize the capabilities of your phone devices to reach the desired service as much as possible.
Duplicate entry phone coordinate disaster and emergency services on paper. Highlight them with a colored marker, and place the sheet in a frame, put it under glass on Desk or hang on the wall. Importantly, at the right time, you don't waste precious time searching. Don't forget a notebook.
If at the time of emergency you don't know which service to call, dial 112. In accordance with the situation, your call will be immediately transferred to the appropriate dispatch service for the speedy response and assistance. To you can be sent to: police, fire Department, gas emergency, ambulance, rescue, and officers "Antiterror". If necessary, can be remotely provided and psychological support.
In extreme cases, the system 112 can accurately determine the location of the caller, to quickly analyze the information and assess the situation. It also provides automatic recovery of interrupted calls, registration of incoming and outgoing calls, receiving SMS messages and not only in the Russian language.
If you have any questions on the safety of life or in urgent need of useful background information, too, can call this number.
At the time of an emergency, keep your composure and do not panic. Take a deep breath and remember that you know exactly where to go.
If at the time of the accident you have no relationship, do not waste time and get help from neighbors or passers-by.