Wealthy patients can afford to call a doctor of any specialty of the house at any convenient time. At home you can get not only a paid consultation and basic treatment recommendations, and, if necessary, to conduct a series of laboratory studies, an EKG. The doctor may put a dropper, to take responsibility for management of the patient until full recovery.
The cost of paid medical services in different hospitals about the same. Most often, the leave is paid depending on the distance from the main regional road.
Experts paid clinics are highly qualified, have a license and a certificate for medical services, can decide the question of admission of, to issue a certificate exempting from the classes in the schools, the sick list.
Additionally, doctor-on-call charge not only of the private clinics. All the clinics provide free medical services on the basis of insurance policy, and paid. For example, a specialist is not required to go on a call of the patient, if there is only a MHI policy, the call will come to the General practitioner. If the patient is willing to pay, the clinic can leave a doctor of any specialty and provide the services that we can provide at home.
Unfortunately, call a specialist from the clinic even paid only during working days and hours, while private clinics provide medical services at any time.
To call the doctor charge, you need to call the phone number of any private clinic, called home address, and explain what specialist you need to send. If the patient is not able to determine which doctor he needs to visit the General practitioner will examine the patient and on the basis of this recommend a specialist.