You will need
  • - to change the permitted use measured land plot;
  • - to register a separate right of ownership;
  • - to obtain permission to build;
  • - to issue documents SP or Yul;
  • - to obtain a license;
  • - to obtain permission of the SES;
  • - to obtain permission of the administration.
You can build a shop on his own land, but it is necessary to change the permitted use of the land (Federal law No. 172-F3). If your land refers to the lands of settlements, the permitted use is individual housing construction, and also, if the area is already built residential house, you need to conduct a survey, separating the dwelling house from commercial development.
Next, contact the local authorities with the application to change the permitted use of the land, which you have separated for the construction of the store. If you have issued a decree authorizing a change of the permitted use, contact the Federal Office for the unified accounting of land, cadastre and cartography for making entry in the unified register.
Contact FUHRT a statement. You will issue separate ownership of the two-delimited land.
Call a licensed architect to draft and sketch, shop and engineering communication.
Contact the Department of architecture and urban planning. Present project, thumbnail, the title documents of the land. You will be given the act of agreeing that you must sign in to the administration, to the district utility system, the district fire brigade, SES.
If you reconcile successfully, you will be given a building permit and finalize construction certificate. Received the documents authorizing the construction, reserve in the local administration.
After construction, you must enter the shop in operation, to register the rights of ownership in PPRC.
To start trading, get documents SP or LE, license, permission, SES and administration.