Undecideds from birth

меняются ли глаза у котят

How many cats, so many characters – you may just become the owner of a particularly taciturn kitten. If the child eats well, plays in his behavior not observed anything strange – the chances that he just doesn't like to communicate via voice, very high. Perhaps over time the kitten will become more sociable and begin to remind myself loud meow. There are "dumb" cats, never promising voice. If the animal's health is not in doubt, then the owners can only accept.
Some breeds of cats are especially silent – for example, sedate Persians, short-legged Munchkin. Taciturn many representatives of Scottish fold breed, as well as Maine coons.

If the kitten is picked up on the street, maybe he's just afraid to give voice, trying not to attract too much attention. If the new owners are gentle and patient, the baby will soon begin to trust them.

You can often see how the cats mouth open soundlessly – it is believed that these animals are able to communicate with each other in the ultrasonic range, making sounds with such frequency that people do not perceive. Kitty, accustomed to communicate this way with his mother, tries to "talk" with people, until realizing that he can't hear.
If you still have something troubling behavior is not a measure of a silent pet, you should check his hearing – deaf cats may meow loudly, and often random, and do not emit any sound.

Kitten lost his voice?

гной на миндалинах лечение

If the animal has stopped meowing all of a sudden, pay attention to its condition. Voice loss can be a symptom of laryngitis – the kitten becomes lethargic, loses appetite, and may begin to cough. Often sick animals are for a long time, craning her neck. If you look your pet in the throat, the mucous membrane of the mouth and pharynx may be visible sores or redness.

Veterinarians laryngitis are divided into primary and secondary. Primary laryngitis occurs as a result of hypothermia, if the animal is a long time spent in the cold or drink cold water. Secondary laryngitis is the result of a more serious disease, which can be rhinotracheitis, calicivirus or even rabies. Therefore, if a kitten is showing signs of laryngitis, you should immediately take him to a vet or call a doctor at home.

Sometimes sudden loss of voice is due to the fact that in the throat of a kitten stuck in a foreign body – fish bone, needle, part of the toy. While the pet chokes, coughs, mouth often Drools. Do not attempt to remove a stuck object independently – kittens throat is very narrow, there is a great danger to push the sharp object further and further injure the animal's throat. Seek emergency veterinarian, it will extract the foreign body with fewer losses.