You will need
  • Be exchanged or returned shoes with packaging, factory labels and cash register receipt.
Within 14 days after purchase, you can return to the store unworn goods, indicating the reason as follows: item did not fit you in size, style, shape, size, color, configuration. Before going outdoors, try on shoes at home, try it like. If the shoes does not suit you, will be found at home trying to solve the issue is simple. Damaged in the process of wearing the shoes back to the store, you can not.
In addition, after two weeks you can return to the store only the shoes, in which there is a manufacturing defect. If the boot is torn on the seam, if cracked in half sole, then it is an obvious marriage. But more often there are disputed cases. For example, the shoes hurt your feet. Usually this means that the shoes are mismatched. This cannot be the reason for the return. But if the discomfort associated with poorly sewn seams or protruding parts, it is a manufacturing defect. In such cases, the store may conduct the examination. If the result does not suit you, you can contact the expert of your own. If the expert's decision will be in your favor, the cost of the examination you will be reimbursed the store. Simply provide the act, a receipt and a receipt of the paid examination.
To return or exchange the shoes to keep the shoes, packing, factory labels and receipt. Make two copies of a statement indicating the detected defects and a request to exchange the product or refund the money. You can exchange the shoes for another, and buy you a few, not necessarily the same model or the same company. This will take into account the difference in price any portion of the money back, or do you just return the money.
Often sellers refuse to accept claims for the quality of product, referring to the fact that you bought discounted shoes. But an exception is possible only in the case if you before purchase warned about possible problems or defects.
You have the right to bring a claim even if you lost the receipt. This is stated in the RF Law "On protection of consumers' rights. Most importantly, know about the legality of your actions and insist, citing specific articles of the legislative act. But remember: your requirements must be reasonable. It is absurd to believe that snow bumps, rain, salt reactants will be completely harmless for shoes. Durability purchased boots or shoes is largely dependent on you.