You will need
  • - statement by the seller;
  • - the act of the examination;
  • check;
  • - packaging;
  • - a statement to the court.
If you bought a new pair of shoes and did not notice the defect or find a defect in the process of operation, contact the seller in the store where you bought the shoes.
Shoes, boots, sneakers, sandals or other shoes purchased should be clean and dry, Packed in packaging. You must retain the check, which is the number of the cash register, the signature of the seller and the name of the released product.
The lack of a receipt or packaging is not a reason to refuse to exchange or refund, but the seller can tell you that shoes are not purchased at his store and you will not be able to confirm the fact of purchase, without evidence in the form of a check or factory packaging. But if you have witnesses willing to testify that the purchase is made in store, which you require to exchange your shoes or return the money, it is unlikely that any seller will embark on a debate about this.
The seller is obliged to send the shoes to the examination to confirm the factory defects. If the examination carried out by the seller, gave the opinion that marriage is not factory and the shoes have lost their quality in the process of improper operation, you have the right to contact a licensed company to conduct an independent examination at his own expense. The conclusion of the independent expert will present to the seller.
To take the shoes within 14 days without explaining the reason why you was not necessary purchase. The seller gives a warranty, it is valid for 1 month from the start of the season, which is designed shoes. But to return within two years if the Shoe has no traces of intensive use, not scratched and not worn.
If the seller refuses to change your defective product or return the funds will receive a written confirmation of this fact and refer a claim to arbitration. Although rarely what the seller brings the case to trial, as workers of trade are well familiar with the law on protection of consumer rights, which is on the side of the buyer So that you can easily replace shoes a quality product or get back the money.