You will need
  • - passport
  • - knowledge of law on consumer rights
The relationship between the seller and the buyer are governed by the Law on consumer rights, which prescribes what goods can be returned or exchanged and what cannot be returned. This law protects both parties to the contract of sale.
If you bought something from clothes or shoes, you are eligible for a full refund or exchange for similar goods within 14 days from the date of purchase. The quality of the goods is irrelevant, rather that it just didn't fit or they don't. It is necessary to provide in the store except for the returned item your passport details for the application. This statement is filled in 2 copies, one of which is the seller, and the other is given to the buyer. It is also necessary that this thing was new, ie, never wore with all tags and checks. Although you should know that the absence of a receipt does not entitle the seller to refuse to refund, in this case, it is sufficient witness that the purchase was carried out in this shop.
There is a list of goods which cannot be returned or exchanged if they are of good quality. These include jewelry, drugs, personal items and hygiene products, underwear, cosmetics and perfumes, sophisticated equipment, including phones, computers, cars, food products, books, etc. So the law protects the rights of the seller and future buyers of these goods. After all, the buyer could incorrectly store the goods or used them for some time, which makes the item safe for further use.
In case the product is of poor quality or has a manufacturing defect, the buyer can contact the seller with the purpose of the examination during the warranty period. If it confirms that the fault of the buyer of the unsuitability of the goods is not, by request of the buyer can return the money, exchange for a similar product or repair it.
If the guarantee product is no, but it was not more than 2 years from the date of purchase, it is possible to make an independent examination at the seller's expense, to verify that it is indeed a marriage of the manufacturer. All the costs are borne by the seller, and after a positive examination of either the buyer refunded the purchase amount, or is the exchange in case of impossibility of repair. If the results of the examination show that the product defect is due to improper use by the buyer, failure to comply with instructions, etc., then its cost is paid already by the buyer.
The warranty period of the goods begins from the moment of its sale. If it's seasonal clothes/shoes, since the beginning of this season. In case the product is transmitted not directly but via mail or other deliveries, from the time of receipt.