1. Cropped things. For the second consecutive season shortened things never go out of fashion. On the contrary, the wardrobes of fashionistas replenished not only crop tops, but also short pants, shirts, jackets. Recommended for new designs slender young girls.
  2. Lush MIDI skirt. It is impossible to imagine a more feminine thing than a skirt. This summer, fashion designers offer elegant option lush MIDI-skirts colorful flowers. To wear such thing is necessary with a heel, so your foot will seem slimmer and thinner.
  3. Denim style. Jeans conquered the world in the distant seventies, at least for the yard in 2016, "jeans" do not give up their positions. The range of denim is expanded and modified, but the most fashionable elements are the basic jeans. To overload the way an abundance of jeans is not necessary, select the one most advantageous for your figure thing.
  4. The linen dress. The most important sexy trend of the coming summer can be called things in the "underwear style". Silk bedroom set now not ashamed to wear when you go is fashion! Delicate flowing fabrics podcherkivayut elegantly feminine silhouette. No man shall stand before you!
  5. A sporty style. Fashion should be comfortable, so in the summer to exclude from the wardrobe of sports stuff. This "sporty chic" is straight cut for comfort and ease sneakers. Backpacks, sneakers, sandals, airy dresses, bombers, shorts can be worn not just for exercise, and to dress in a casual manner.

But, most importantly, be yourself, and you are sure to be irresistible!